About Us

Medford AAUW Officers and Board, 2022/2023

                             (July 1, 2022- June 30, 2023)

Elected Officers (Voting)

  • Co-Presidents: Lisa Hughes, Carol Koszyk
  • Immediate Past President: Carol Koszyk
  • Vice President/Finance: Carol Julian
  • Vice President Programs: Committee – Barbara Laskin, Lan Roberts, Robin Smith, Pat Stoddard                                                                         and Carol Koszyk
  • Co-Vice Presidents/Membership: Sandy Heath, Ellen Jones
  • Secretary/General Meetings: Camille Korsmo
  •                     /Board Meetings: Joann Nadell

Appointed Board Members (Voting)

  • AAUW Funds:  Mary W. Gillespie
  • Communications Director (& Finance VP, AAUW Oregon): Monica Weyhe
  • Interest Groups/ACT Chair:  OPEN
  • MUWCF Liaison: Mary W. Gillespie
  • Public Policy Chair: OPEN
  • Scholarship Liaison: Tanya McHenry
  • S.T.E.M. Director: OPEN

Appointed Chairs (Non-Voting)

  • Hospitality: OPEN
  • In Our Thoughts Secretary: Ellen Jones
  • Kidspree Chair: Ellen Jones
  • Phone Tree Secretary: OPEN
  • Webmaster: Jean Foley

Newsletter Committee: Janet Brougher, Sandy Heath, Ellen Jones and Carol Koszyk

AAUW Medford Branch 2020/21 Accomplishments

Our membership voted to revise our Branches’ Bylaws in June, 2020. The main changes were shortening the term for the President to be one year (instead two years), and having the Board of Directors meet at least quarterly (previously the Board met every month).

  • Public Policy:
    1. Our branch collected signatures for Initiative 57 to amend the Oregon State Constitution to establish an independent, 12 member commission to be in charge of redistricting state and congressional voting districts.
    2. Five of our members participated in the “Chalk the Vote” project developed by the Oregon Women’s History Consortium and the Oregon Historical Society to highlight the 100 year Anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. While we were not allowed to write the 19th Amendment on the sidewalk of Downtown Medford – we were allowed to display a poster with the words of the amendment. We also handed out flyers describing all five legislative remedies to insure the right to vote for every American citizen.
    3. Participated in Oregon’s Virtual Lobby Day and utilized the 2-Minute Activist to communicate with Congress.
  • Purchased a Zoom Pro Account so our group has the ability to meet by Zoom for our General, Board and Committee Meetings and for any gatherings of our Interest Groups. Currently, we have three Interest Groups that are utilizing our account. Additionally, one of our members conducted a crash course on how to use Zoom.
  • AAUW Funds: Medford Branch contributed a total of $5840 to AAUW Funds in 2020, and $2795 in 2021. (Note that these donations are sent to our National AAUW to be used for Graduate Scholarships, Legal Advocacy or as needed.)
  • The Phantom Tea Party was our only fund raiser for our local Scholarships this year due to Covid restrictions. Besides the AAUW Funds money listed in the previous bullet section ($2795) – our Branch members also donated more than $12,000 for scholarships for women attending either Southern Oregon University (SOU) or Rogue Community College (RCC). For the 2021/2022 school year, the awards will be $2500 each, 3 to women attending SOU and 3 to women attending RCC. It is of interest to note that for the 2020/2021 school year, our branch awarded a total of seven scholarships of $2100 each – to five women going to RCC and two women attending SOU.
  • Our Membership V.P.’s initiated the following:
    1. Established a “Phone Connection” where every member was contacted by phone to “check in” with them and find out how they were doing. We offered to assign a “Phone Buddy” to call them on a regular basis and a few of our members said “yes”! Several members also volunteered to be the “Phone Buddy” who would call them.
    2. Sent a birthday card to every member.
    3. Encouraged participation with various Kid Time Museum projects: including Earth Day Plant Tubes; “Polar Express” (“Covid friendly”) event that provided 1000 local children with holiday activity packs “to go”; and “Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar” Packets.
    4. Reached out to every Member at Large who lived within a 50 mile radius to find out if they would like to join our Branch.
  • STEM projects:
    1. Donated supplies to the Kid Time Museum.
    2. Established a “STEM Library” for the Kid Time Preschool where members either donated children’s books or donated cash to buy the books for 3-6 year old children.
    3. Planned a Rogue Valley Girls Rock (STEM) event scheduled for September 25, 2021 for twelve girls (accompanied by a parent or guardian) to each participate in three STEM “Make and Take “activities.
  • Interest Groups/ACT projects:
    1. Assisted local service groups – the Maslow Project (helping homeless students and their families), and St. Vincent DePaul (donations of items to assist the homeless).
    1. Started a new Interest Group called the “Social Club”. Members connect to Zoom, “share” a drink and just “chat”.
  • Our Branch’s Musings Newsletter Editor started a “Cherished Advice” column. Every month a member (or two) write about the best advice that they ever received. Besides learning terrific tips – it has been a wonderful way to know our members more fully. Other additions included a Mother’s Day Tribute and Members Highlight to learn about our members and why they joined AAUW.
  • Webmaster updates:
    1. Corrected the “Member’s Only” section to have all the Minutes from our Board Meetings and General Meetings (or “Announcements” from meetings with no business portion).
    2. Updated the Membership Directories; Financial Reports; June 22, 2020 Bylaws.
    3. Added the Named Grant Honorees (1953 – 2021) and Scholarship Winners.

Submitted by, Carol Koszyk, President, Medford Branch

AAUW Medford Branch Accomplishments 2019-2020

In calendar year 2019, the Medford branch of AAUW membership ranged from 96 to 109 members, including students.  These members demonstrated their support of the AAUW Mission by attending meetings and events and through their participation in successful fund-raisers that produced thousands of dollars in scholarship awards.  In addition, members contributed generously to AAUW Funds.

  • At the May Scholarship luncheon, we awarded six $2100 scholarships to local young women (four attending RCC and two attending SOU). These awards were an increase from our previous $1500 awards.
  • The 2019 Garden Tour in June raised $7145 for local scholarships to be awarded in 2020.
  • Our first Hoe Down in September raised over $9000 for local scholarships.
  • $10,680.32 in member donations to AAUW Funds in 2019 will support Fellowships and Grants for research and public policy, including the Legal Advocacy Fund.

In August our members once again participated in KidSpree, partnering with JC Penney and other local service organizations to provide a morning of shopping for school clothes and materials with young disadvantaged local children, with breakfast following.  Members also contributed generously throughout the year to the Maslow Project and Rogue Retreat to assist local families facing harsh challenges.

Previously, all our meetings were held on Saturday mornings. Our meetings this year included two on Thursday evenings (April & October) to accommodate some members’ requests.  Meetings have been program-based, each offering a Short Program and a Featured Program that covered a wide range of topics, both informative and enjoyable.  Most business actions have been handled at board meetings (now held quarterly), with board minutes distributed to members and business segments included in general meetings as needed (for discussion and votes, etc.). This change in meeting agendas has been well-received by members.

Our members were represented at the 2019 State Lobby Day and at the State Convention, where the branch received a number of awards for fund-raising and membership.  In June we awarded our earned Shaping the Future free National memberships to two members via a drawing.

January-June, 2020

Our January 4 General Meeting was held at the Holly Theatre, currently under renovation.  A large turnout included over 30 members and 19 guests, the latter drawn by our meeting invitation in Tempo.

On February 1, our General Meeting featured Eric Dittmer, with a presentation on Earthquake Preparedness.  In support of the meeting’s Short Program on KidTime, members brought in a huge assortment of creative art supplies for the young clients of that organization.

On February 21, our branch accepted an invitation to host a Town Hall with State Senator Jeff Golden.  The meeting, held in the public library, was well-attended and lively.

Our March 7 General Meeting featured a presentation by our branch member Linda Otto, the Co-Founder of Grandmas2Go, an organization providing mentoring and support for struggling families with babies and young children.  The Short Program was presented by Kim DeSimone and Jenifer Perry of College Dreams, a national program begun right in Grants Pass that provides funding and counseling to enable disadvantaged young people to attend college.

In March, Mary Wright Gillespie reported that AAUW Funds raised $10,682 for Fellowships, Grants and for research & public policy in 2019, with a branch favorite recipient being the Legal Advocacy Fund.  The Phantom Tea Party concluded on March 31, raising $7,145.60 (net) funds for scholarships.

Our Medford AAUW Branch cancelled our in-person General Meetings for April and June, as well as the in-person May Board meeting, out of an abundance of caution during the CoVid-19 pandemic and accompanying stay-at-home mandates.  To keep members up-to-date on AAUW issues and members’ activities, the Musings featured special Coronavirus Editions during the spring.  We held the May board meeting and the June General Meeting via Zoom, with the help of Amy Durst; both events were successful, with 35 members attending the June General Business Meeting online!  The new slate of officers for 2020-2021 was installed online, and members accepted the changes in the ByLaws that had been approved by the board.

Our annual Scholarship Luncheon honoring the recipients of this year’s awards also had to be cancelled in mid-May.  Short biographies of the six scholarship recipients were included in the June, 2020 Musings.

Medford AAUW Accomplishments,  Fall 2018-Spring 2019

  • KidSpree 2018 serves 168 children in our community. Chair Gail Etchie & Branch members Jackie Baker, Val Barr, Donna Corey, Sharon Fox, Sandy Heath, Carol Koszyk,        Marlene Olson, Regula Pepi, Glenda Sims & Dee Wittenberg participate.
  • Chaired by Mary Wright Gillespie, “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” 
  • Camelot Theater buyout raises $3000+ for AAUW Funds                                
  • Chaired by Patty Finch & Jackie Baker, Phantom Tea Party raises $6700+ for local scholarships
  • May 18th Scholarship Luncheon honors six $2100 recipients (2 @ SOU, 4 @ RCC)
  • 2019 Garden Tour raises $7100+ for RCC and SOU scholarships,                                           thanks to Co-Chairs Robin Smith and Monica Weyhe and Branch members:  Donna Anderson-Betteridge, Paulette  Avery,  Jackie Baker, Valerie Barr, Barbara Basden, Judy Blue, Carol Bogedain, Janet Brougher, Ronnie Budge, Liz Caldwell, Carolyn Chamberlin, Gayle Clason, Donna Corey, Jane Davie, Cathy de Wolfe,  Amanda Denbeck, Gail Etchie, Patty Finch, Sharon Fox, Mary Wright Gillespie, Bonnie Goldfein, Elizabeth Harris, Sandy Heath, Joan Johnson,  Camille Korsmo, Carol Koszyk, Yvette McCulley, Teri Moser, Anne Newins, Marlene Olson, Shiena Polehn, Jan Purkeypile, Diane Reiling, Carol Rugg, Joan Rycraft, Carol Schaefer, Sherry Schroeder, Sharon Shatswell, Marcia Simon, Dawn Stewart, Pat Stoddard, Janis Taft, Sue Thornburg, Dee Wittenberg & Tricia Wood.
  • Gayle Clason & Bonnie Goldfein attend Oregon State Lobby Day, meeting with Rep. Jeff Golden to promote 2 legislative initiatives
  • Joan Rycraft, Gayle Clason & Bonnie Goldfein attend State AAUW Convention
  • Branch receives 5-fold recognition at State Convention: for recruitment & fund-raising
  • 2019 Named Gift Honorees: Paulette Avery, Val Barr & Bonnie Goldfein
  • MUWCF plans underway for Hoedown event at Bayer Winery Sept. 28, 2019. Only 250 tickets available @ $65 ($50 tax-deductible).
  • Appointment of Financial Review Committee: Joan Rycraft, Jan Purkeypile & Monica Weyhe, new VP/Finance
  • Receipt of thorough Report from Committee; establishment of Reserve Funds
  • VP/Finance presents monthly reports and 2019-2020 Budget with Y/Y data
  • 2019-2020 Budget approved by member vote June 1, 2019
  • Annual Joint Board Meetings (2018 & 2019) invite attendance by MUWCF Board members
  • Saturday-only meeting schedule altered to include 2 Thursday evening meetings
  • Saturday Meeting attendance: from 28 (Nov.) to 38 (Sep.). Thursdays: 32 & 30
  • Members sign in for Meetings and earn entries in raffles
  • Re-design of Meetings to Program-based Format: Short & Featured Programs
  • Branch business conducted at Board meetings & reported to members via email
  • Matters needing members’ votes pre-announced & presented at Meetings
  • Members donate cleaning supplies for Rogue Retreat clients
  • Members vote to provide snacks & water at General Meetings, ending coffee/tea service
  • Joan Rycraft named Oregon AAUW South District Director
  • Holiday Party is a festive Potluck at Sun Oaks Clubhouse. 49 members attend.
  • Holiday Party-goers donate $2200+ to Paradise CA victims & $600+ to Maslow
  • 2019-2020 program line-up planned* by Program VPs Carol Schaefer & Val Barr & Program Committee: Camille Korsmo & Bonnie Goldfein
  • Yvette McCulley attends Grants Pass AAUW’s “Girls Rock!” for S.T.E.M. ideas.
  • T.E.M. committee – Chair Yvette McCulley & Dawn Stewart, Shiena Polehn, Glenda Sims, Elizabeth Harris and Janet Brougher — plan S.T.E.M. events.
  • Strategic Plan Committee – Chair Gayle Clason & members Valerie Barr, Donna Corey, Yvette McCulley & Mardy Stevens– to review & update 2014 Plan, including charting ways to raise funds for branch operations.
  • Two Shaping the Future free National memberships ($59 each) awarded June 1               (5+ meetings attended 2018-19 for entries). Winners: Elizabeth Harris & Shiena Polehn
  • As of this date, Medford AAUW has 109 Branch members and 10+ Interest Groups
  • AAUW Meetings now advertised in The Mail Tribune’s Tempo magazine
  • Medford AAUW’s Camille Korsmo profiled in 2019 OLLI brochure
  • 2019 Garden Tour featured in full-page article in The Mail Tribune
  • Features added to Musings: AAUW Mission Statement, Spotlight (member profile), Celebrate Birthdays (members & other important women), What’s New (self-explanatory) Academic Profile (update on former scholarship recipients), Musings Marketplace (forum for sharing needs & offers), Public Policy Update (expanded) and MORE PICTURES.
  • Deleted from Musings: Half-page mailing block (providing more room for content). Musings in envelopes will go to 3 remaining members without computers.
  • Board & members vote to pay Musings designer Amanda Denbeck $25/month for ten months of Musings’ publications in 2019-2020.
  • Bonnie handling editorial management responsibilities through June, 2020.
  • Jean Foley is Branch Webmaster as of July 1, 2019. Thanks to Barbara Basden for filling this position through June 30th.
  • Gail Etchie & Monica Weyhe, Co-Chairs/Communication, distribute Musings, eBlasts & other materials to members.
  • Member Directory publishing responsibility moves from Communications to Membership.  Sandy Heath & Monica Weyhe will produce 2019-2020 Directory.
  • Co-VP/Membership Board position remains open as of this date.

    Prepared by Bonnie Goldfein, Medford AAUW President (June 26-July 3, 2019)                                          Lists of participants in Events and Committees furnished by Event/Committee Chairs

Medford Branch Board Meetings:

Due to Covid the Medford Branch Board Meetings are being conducted over Zoom.

A Proud Heritage

AAUW was created in 1881 by 17 women graduates dedicated to helping other women obtain higher education. Today, as a national organization of more than 170,000 members and supporters, AAUW has become a force in the fight for equity for women. Our local contributions to AAUW Funds go to support plaintiffs in cases involving pay equity or sexual discrimination. Nationally our members worked tirelessly for passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and we celebrated the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA), a law we lobbied and fought for on behalf of abused women.

The spirit of those young women in 1881 lives on in our Medford Branch. We are proud of the scholarships we have awarded to the women of Jackson County, the Fellowships and Memorial Funds we have established and the many hours we’ve devoted to helping the women and young people of the community. But we also enjoy our social activities—we have fun!

The Medford Branch offers:

A group of educated women and men with diverse backgrounds and experiences

  • Informative and stimulating programs
  • More than a dozen interest groups covering a wide range of topics and activities
  • Several events geared to raising money for national fellowships, local scholarships, and recognition of secondary school girls involved in STEM courses
  • Community outreach activities
  • Membership in national and state AAUW organizations

We welcome new members and we invite YOU to JOIN US!